Good practice Germany: Westerwälder Coronahilfe

The Corona pandemic presents all with great challenges confronting many people with situations that none has experienced before. People suddenly have to organise things differently and cover running costs. In addition, there is the fear of becoming infected with the virus and suffering health problems.

The Westerwälder Coronahilfe e.V. has the goal to support people quickly and unbureaucratically and to take away a little worry.

The association was found by eight people who feel connected to the German region of Westerwald. They are rooted in the Westerwald in various ways and are active in business, health, and social services as well as in local politics. They decided to help people who have money or livelihood worries because of the pandemic. In February 2021, the association “Westerwälder Coronahilfe” was established as a legal entity.

The association helps in practical ways, for example

  • when a small business owner is no longer allowed to open his/her shop because of ordered evictions and can no longer pay the tenants,
  • when only one PC is available for three children in homeschooling,
  • when a job has been terminated,
  • when there is no other financial help.

For this purpose, the association collects donations from companies, businesses, and private helpers and passes them on to those in need – as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible. The members of the association work on a voluntary basis and therefore no administrative fees are charged.

Picture credits: Pixabay CC