Interested in organising a seminar on the CRISISS tools for volunteers in Slovakia? Please contact our Slovakian partner QUALED for further information. The following report on a former seminar might inspire you:

The Slovak partner of the CRISISS project, QUALED @QUALificationEDucation, introduced the topic “Opportunities for volunteers arising from the crisis” – the CRISISS project”, on the 22nd of November 2022 at the Red Cross Slovakia venue in Žilina. The event was focused on representatives of organisations working with volunteers or supporting organisations involving volunteers in their activities. The 10 participants were from several organizations: Volunteer centre for Žilina region; IPčko – contact point for people in crisis in Žilina; OZ Rovnováha; Žilina Self-Governing Region – the Youth Section; SYTEV o.z. – working with young adults and volunteers; DHZ – help in crisis situations (Voluntary fire brigade); Use Your Talents; Red Cross Slovakia; Gymnasium Bytča. The aim was to address the topic of documentation and recognition of non-formally and informally acquired soft skills in the field of volunteering during the crisis, and to discuss and present CRISISS online project outputs.

A second multiplier event took place at Krajská knižnica Žilina (Regional public library) on the 23rd of November 2022, focused on volunteers, young adults and interested persons. In the event 12 persons participated: students from the University of Žilina (from the Faculty of the Security Engineering, Department of the Crisis management), pedagogues of the Faculty of the Security Engineering, Department of Crisis management, two representatives of the organizations working with volunteers (Truc Sphérique – international volunteering in culture and the Regional Public Library) and one interested person – teacher – currently unemployed.

They expressed big interest in the topic of validation of soft skills and further promotion of these skills. The system of identification and demonstration of social competences acquired in crisis situations was presented. Volunteers, voluntary organisations, employers, as well as anyone interested in lifelong learning got acquainted with the CRISISS digital tools that allow to assess social competences acquired in times of crisis.

Participants of both events rated the platform as user-friendly, and the mobile app was assessed as an easy-to-handle environment. The complexity of the statements in the tool were noted and highly reviewed.

Both events were led by Alena Valjašková, representing the Slovakian CRISISS partner QUALED.

Alena Valjašková, QUALED, presented the CRISISS materials