The Spanish multiplier event of the CRISISS project is launched

We are very pleased to inform you that the next event will take place June 2022 in Granada (Spain). The CRISISS project dissemination event will serve to disseminate the tools developed in the framework of this project.

Volunteering is a social engine that is always on the move and becomes especially visible and necessary when we are faced with crisis situations such as those experienced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. These volunteering experiences are a challenge and therefore a learning experience that goes beyond specific technical skills. Volunteers put into practice and acquire fundamental skills to carry out their work, known as softskills.

But how can volunteers recognise these new skills, how can they make companies aware of the added value of these skills for teamwork, dealing with stressful work situations, or intercultural tasks, for example?

This is only possible if these new skills are validated and this is precisely the main objective of CRISISS; to develop tools for the recognition and validation of soft skills directly related to pandemic and crisis management.

In this dissemination conference, volunteers and organisations will have the opportunity to learn about the tools offered by this project, their functionalities and how to apply them in their daily work to value and validate the soft skills of volunteers.

Author: María Mohammad-Akeel Serrano

Partner: ALDAIMA

Date: 31.05.2022