Interested in organising a seminar on the CRISISS tools for volunteers in Italy? Please contact our Italian CRISISS partner CESCOT Veneto for further information. The following report on a former seminar might inspire you:

The objective of the Italian multiplier event was to present the overall work that has been done during the CRISISS project’s lifetime and, more specific, the outputs that have been produced. The event aimed at making participants reflect on the importance of soft skills acquired during volunteer experiences and the implications these have directly in their work lives. The event also actively guided participants to discover the CRISISS project and the use of the many tools created through the project.

This was the agenda in Italian:

The event took place online using the Google Meet platform. The event started with registration, where participants digitally filled their name on the registration sheets and added e-mail. The speakers shared slides of their presentations with the participants, which were then shared with the participants if there were any doubts or personal insights. The activities that were implemented during the event firstly involved a presentation of the project, in which all the participants were able to discover the motivations and needs that the project addressed. Subsequently, the interactive guidance by the speaker and the opportunity to interact with the project coordinator enabled the participants to gain more confidence in using the platform and CRISISS tools. In particular, the use of different types of questionnaires and the ways in which acquired skills are validated was explained, as well as the use of the smartphone app and Alexa as digital tools. The participants proved to be attentive and particularly sensitive to the topic, as they came from the world of volunteering. The event ended with a question session and a discussion which revealed the need for the participants to schedule a new meeting, given the high level of satisfaction.

In total, 27 participants from Italy attended the online event. The participants of the event included workers, unemployed persons, occupational psychologists, labour consultants, representatives of voluntary associations, representatives of University of Padova, unemployed persons and persons interested in the topic of validation of competences in the labour market. Additionally, in this event CESCOT also included refugee organisations and refugees in order to bring in their opinions for any changes or improvements of the materials.

The Italian event in an online environment.