The CRISISS training platform encourages volunteers to identify their soft skills gained in crises and offers

  • tools for volunteer organisations and volunteers to identify, validate and promote the volunteers’ soft skills, raise awareness of the importance of soft skills in professional life and recognise informal and non-formal competences by collecting evidence;
  • materials stored on this multilingual and interactive e-platform in a media library and as mobile apps for smartphones.

The platform is available in

For choosing a language version, please click on the top right of the blue bar:

Access to the English version where you can identify your social skills, acquired in times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attention: The CRISISS Soft Skills Assessment Tool for Volunteers generates the results in a certificate. Volunteer organisations that want to confirm the results of the soft skills assessment by the CRISISS identification tool are invited to attach the certificate generated by the tool to any confirmation they might offer their volunteers (signed & stamped).