This tool serves as empowerment and self-improvement tool, and focuses on the promotion and self-promotion to consolidate and give visibility to the volunteers’ soft skills. The CRISISS Soft Skills Self-Promotion Tool provides a detailed description of soft skills and respective activities. It complements what had been assessed with the CRISISS Soft Skills Identification and Assessment Tool on the CRISISS training platform. It assists volunteers and prospective job applicants in promoting those skills and creating a plan for their promotion; and it provides them with the instruments they need to use for presenting and taking advantage of their soft skills in a more effective way. These instruments are a portfolio/E-portfolio, a video CV, professional social media, and a promotional strategy; and they are described in many details in the tool.

The CRISISS Self-Promotion Tool

• Shows how the individual background of the volunteer can be used as an advantage;

• Makes the volunteers (job applicants) aware of the use and the usefulness of a portfolio or E-portfolio;

• Helps to create a portfolio or E-portfolio that can be used to showcase the soft skills of volunteers and to complement their effort to improve in their job, obtain an upgrade in their job, or to get an adequate job;

• Makes the volunteer aware of the use and the advantages of different tools;

• Creates a promotional strategy.

The Soft Skills Self- Promotion Tool is organized in three different sections:

The first section introduces and presents 18 social competences and their respective core skills and describes their purpose and approach, especially in the light of a crisis;

The second section deals with Guidelines for creating a portfolio for promotion and self-promotion to manage employability and vocational development.

The third section lists many different tools for implementing an E-portfolio, specialised portfolio tools for volunteers, content management and other helpful tool, and informs how to create an attractive video-CV.

This Tool can also be made usable for refugees as the recognition of soft skills is an important issue in their employability.

The CRISISS Soft Skills Self-Promotion Tool is available in English and in all languages of the partnership, i.e. in German, Italian, Greek, Slovene, Slovak and Spanish. Download your version here.