During the CRISISS project a wealth of material has been produced and a collection of material has been created which is accessible in our library. There, you will also find detailed information about soft skills and how they are defined.

As an innovative “highlight”, there is also the CRISISS Project Podcast Player, an app for the virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon. It offers a voice interface that allows users to interact with the app via voice commands and perform actions such as selecting one of the four areas of expertise, listening to the list of available podcasts for each area, listening to a specific podcast episode, fast-forwarding and rewinding while listening, etc.

An additional compendium, the CRISISS Soft Skills Self Promotion Tool, provides tips on successful self-promotion for volunteers, including the identification of further digital resources.

The CRISISS materials are available in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovakian and Greek.